Moving Students Along the Proficiency Continuum

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I. What is the proficiency continuum?

ACTFL World-Readiness Standards for Learning Languages

ACTFL Proficiency Guidelines

NCSSFL-ACTFL Can-Do Statements

21st Century World Languages Skills Map

Proficiency placemat

2. How do I communicate about proficiency levels to my students?

Interpersonal vs. Presentational Modes

Path to Proficiency poster

Performance a la mode poster

Oral Proficiency in the Work Place poster

3. What instructional practices will lead students to move along the proficiency continuum?

ACTFL Core Practices

HCPSS Exemplary Practices document

a. Target Language/Comprehensible Input

ACTFL Position on Use of Target Language in the Classroom

Use of target language

Going for 90%+: How to Stay in the Target Language

Target Language Teacher Self-Assessment

Target Language Use by Students Teacher Self-Assessment

Top Ten Tips for Staying in the Target Language

Comprehensible Input Checklist

Making Language Comprehensible

Creating Comprehensible Input and Output

Comprehensible Input Self-Assessment

b. Skills-focused activities




Conversation Circles

Active Reading


Information Gap Activities

Think/Write Aloud

Sentence Combining

Inside-Outside Circles


Mad Libs


Visual Notetaking

Dialogue Journals

Discussion Continuum


Building Blocks


Say Something

Round Robin Writing

Walk and Talk

Making text-to-self, to-text, & to-world connections

Talking Chips

Give Me A Hint

Picture Prompts

Bounce Cards

Three Step Interview

Text Mark Up

Conversation Jenga

People Bingo/Find Someone Who

Most Important Word

Graffiti Tables

Accountable Talk

Card Sort

Ball of yarn

Speed Dating

Running Dictation

Story/Conversation Strips


I Have, Who Has/Whip Around

Word Cloud Build-a-Story

Mock Job Interviews


Gallery Walk

c. Authentic Resources/Tiering

Authentic Texts Video

Authentic Resources by Language and AP Theme

French movie posters

Authentic Resources infographic

Authentic Resources infographic 2

Tiered Instruction: Beginning the Process

Critical Questions about Tiered Lessons

Tiered Instruction and Assessment

Tiered Assignments: A Foundational Approach

Vocabulary for developing tiered questions and tiered assignments

Tiered Assignment by Content, Process, and Product- Elementary

Tiered Activity Planning Template

Tiered Activity Planning Template 2


Infographics in World Languages: Spanish Pinterest Board

Infographics in World Languages: French Pinterest Board

Infographics in World Languages: German Pinterest Board

Infographics in World Languages: Italian Pinterest Board

Infographics in World Languages: Other Languages Pinterest Board

Example of tiered writing prompts Spanish French

Examples of Tiered Assignments in World Languages

4. How do I assess student proficiency?

Interpersonal speaking rubric

Presentational speaking rubric

Interpersonal and Presentational writing rubric

Performance vs. Proficiency (p. 4-5)

Samples of student work at various proficiency levels

Performance Tasks and Integrated Performance Assessments

Feedback on performance (writing)

Feedback on performance (speaking)

Feedback on performance (reading and listening)

Moving proficiency levels

ACTFL Assessment of Performance toward Proficiency in Languages (AAPPL)

Avant STAndards-based Measure of Proficiency (STAMP)

5. How can my students own their language proficiency?

Proficiency level descriptors

novice low novice mid.png novice high intermediate low.png

intermediate mid to high.png

Proficiency tracker

Workshop reflection spinner