Use of Authentic Texts in Language Learning (ACTFL)

Authentic Texts Video

Authentic Resources by Language and AP Theme

OFLA Go-To List of Sources for Authentic Text

Authentic Materials- UCLA Language Materials Project

Authentic vs. Non-Authentic Materials

What is authentic text?

Authentic Text for Deeper Student Learning

Where to find authentic resources for French

Sources for authentic text

French movie posters

Authentic Resources infographic

Authentic Resources infographic 2

How to evaluate an authentic resource

Questions for evaluating an authentic resource

Reading flowchart

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Selecting authentic resources document

Great resource for online authentic resources (magazines, newspapers, etc.) sorted by skill (reading, listening, etc.) Click on image below.

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Infographics in World Languages: Spanish Pinterest Board

Infographics in World Languages: French Pinterest Board

Infographics in World Languages: German Pinterest Board

Infographics in World Languages: Italian Pinterest Board

Infographics in World Languages: Chinese Pinterest Board

Infographics in World Languages: Other Languages Pinterest Board (includes Korean, Russian, Greek, Hebrew, and Arabic)

Link to Pinterest board with infographics for many languages

Infografias en castellano

Spanish infographics

Spanish infographics

Spanish infographics

Spanish infographics

German infographics

German infographics

German interactive infographics

French cooking infographics

Le Parisien Infog Twitter page

Hindi infographics

Japanese infographics

Korean infographics

Korean infographics

Analysis of an infographic worksheet (Spanish).

Create your own activity for tiered text

Memes and Quotes in the target language

French memes and quotes

German memes and quotes

Italian memes and quotes

Spanish memes and quotes

Songs in the target language

Songs in French aligned to vocabulary themes and grammar concepts

Songs in Spanish aligned to vocabulary themes and grammar concepts

Songs in Spanish aligned to vocabulary themes and grammar concepts 2

El Mundo de Birch: Songs in Spanish aligned to vocabulary themes and grammar concepts

German songs aligned to grammar concepts

Online kids magazines


Mon Quotidien


Logo! Kids News

Sowieso Kids News



Muy Interesante Jr.

N Punto (Puerto Rico)

Somos Juntos (Cuba)

El Gancho (Spain)

Smithsonian Tween Tribune

Online target language books/stories

Multiple Languages

Epic books (Spanish, Chinese)

International Digital Children's Library

Children's Books Forever! (Multiple languages)


Tumblebooks (often subscription is available through public library)


Chinese Children's books Pinterest board


Boukili (French)

Cap Sur l'Espace Jeunes

Monde des Titounis

Il était une histoire

Ecoutez la lecture (sites where stories are read to listener

Les livres gratuits pour enfants

Les petites histoires d'OUFtivi

Short Edition Jeunesse: Histoires à Ecouter


El bosque de las fantasías

Habla: Tu revista digital (libros gratis)

Cuentos en PowerPoint PDF list of links for cuentos en Powerpoint

10 Cuentos Cortos Para Leer Con Niños

Biblioteca Virtual Infantil: El Rincon de los Chicos

Cuentos Infantiles Online

Children's Short Stories in Spanish

Collection of readers from Mexico on Issuu

Cuentos Para Dormir

Commercials in the Target Language

Pinterest board with French Commercials

Pinterest board with French Commercials

Google Drive folder with Spanish Commercials (Kara Jacobs)

Google Drive folder with worksheets for Spanish Commercials (Kara Jacobs)

More Spanish commercials

AATF You Tube Video Playlists

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Visuals as Authentic Text

National Geographic Photo of the Day: People and Culture

Images de France

Examples of Authentic Text by Language and Theme

Spanish/school/novice mid

French/families and communities/intermediate low

German/personal and public identities/intermediate mid

Pinterest boards by Global Themes


Global Challenges




Contemporary Life



Beauty and Aesthetics



Science and Technology



Families and Communities



Personal and Public Identities



AP German Pinterest board (K. Dubs)

AP Italian Pinterest board (KBC)

Pinterest boards to follow

Novice Level Spanish: Señora Sherrow

Novice Level Spanish: Señorita N. Rodriguez

French resources: Meg Chance

French resources: Julee LaPorte

German Teacher Favorites

American Association of Teachers of French (AATF) Pinterest boards by theme:

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Authentic Resources on Social Media

Using Twitter for Authentic Communication in Spanish Class

Twitter for Language and Culture

15 Facebook pages for Spanish Authentic Resources