ACTFL Position Statement on Target Language Use

Strategies for Supporting the Use of Target Language (ACTFL)

Tips for Staying in the Target Language

How to Keep High Levels of TL in Your Classroom

Thinking in a Foreign Language: How to Do It and Why

90%+ Target Language, Authentic Texts, No Isolated Grammar? How? (Language Educator, April 2013)

Entering an English Free Zone (Learning Languages, Spring 2008)

Target Language infographic (TELL Project)

Teaching in the Target Language

Going for 90%+: How to Stay in the Target Language

Increasing the Use of the Target Language in Classroom Interaction

Target Language Use in the Second Language Classroom

Instructor Target Language Use in the World Language Classroom

Stay on Target (Language) for Classroom Management

Research on Error Correction and Implications for Classroom Teaching

The Disaster of Intermediate Proficiency

Keeping It in the Target Language

Maximizing Use of Target Language in Language Classrooms (mini course)

Teaching in the Target Language (slideshow)

Teaching in the Target Language Myths (Part 1)- teacher blog

Teaching in the Target Language Myths (Part 2)- teacher blog

90% in the Target Language in Elementary School

Staying in the Target Language in World Language Classrooms: Why? How?- Prezi

Staying in the Target Language: Let's Make A Plan- Prezi

Error Correction in the Second Language Classroom

Error Correction: When, Where, How?

Error Correction in Foreign Language Teaching

Target Language Use in the WL Classroom (Costello)

Promesa de hablar solo espanol

Professional Learning Modules

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Reluctant Learners in the World Language Classroom

Helping Students to Feel Comfortable in the Target Language

12 Strategies for Reluctant Language Learners

Encouraging Reluctant Language Learners to Speak in the Classroom

Motivating Reluctant Learners article NAESP

The Shy (Reticent) Learner in the FL Class (FL Teach)

Foreign Language Anxiety Scale

How to Reach Reluctant Learners

Motivation and Motivating in the Foreign Language Classroom

Motivating Language Learners

Promoting Motivation in the Foreign Language Classroom

9 Fail-Proof Tips to Get Shy ESL Students Out of Their Shells

Increasing Student Participation

Teaching Tips: Student Participation

Increasing Student Participation: The Teaching Center

Oral Participation in the Foreign Language Classroom (FL Teach)

Making Conversations Happen (check out the student participation survey)

Koosh! Enhancing Class Participation

Get Shy Students Talking During a Seminar

Top Twelve Ways to Increase Student Participation

Encouraging Class Participation (Education World)

Structures for Active Participation

Going Beyond Q & A: Formative Assessment and Other Ideas for 100% Student Participation

Teacher Self-Assessment for Target Language Use

Teacher Self-Evaluation Questionnaire on Target Language
Teacher Self-Assessment for Target Language (adapted from TELL Project)

Comprehensible Input

Comprehensible Input Checklist

Making Language Comprehensible

Creating Comprehensible Input and Output
Comprehensible Input Self-Assessment (adapted from TELL Project)

Procedures and Routines for Encouraging Student Use of Target Language

Target Language Syllabus Statements

Language Promise (French)


Classroom Routines for Language Use (includes video examples)

Talking flags
The English box
Mystery student
Classroom signs
Red card
Increasing the Use of TL in Classroom Interaction

Tips for Maintaining a Target Language Classroom (created by HCPSS teachers)

MHHS Top 10 Tips.png Top ten tips TL 4-1.png

Top ten tips TL 3.png Top ten tips TL 2.png

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