Questioning: Assessment for Learning Guide

For Students, Why the Question is More Important Than the Answer

Question Formulation Technique

The Art of Questioning

Higher Order Thinking Skills(Curriculum Associates)

Questioning Toolkit

Questioning Video Library

Questioning Techniques: Research Based Strategies for Teachers

The Right Questions (Educational Leadership, October 2014)

The Right Questions the Right Way (Educational Leadership, March 2014)

Asking Good Questions (Educational Leadership, Summer 2008)

Questioning Practices Self-Assessment p. 16

5 Powerful Questions Teachers Can Ask Students

10 Questioning Strategies to Differentiate Instruction

Developing Fluency Through Questioning Strategies

5 Ways to Help Students Ask Better Questions (with infographic)

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Questioning Styles and Strategies

Webb's Depth of Knowledge Video

Webb's Depth of Knowledge Wheel Webb's Wheel in color

Question Stems

Question Stems (Spanish)

Question Stems (French)

Question Matrix

Using Think Time and Wait Time Skillfully in the Classroom

Interactive Bloom's Wheel

Socratic Seminars

48 Socratic Seminar Lesson Plans

Socratic Seminar Teaching Workshop Powerpoint

Socratic Seminars @Web English Teacher

Following up a yes/no question with an open-ended one to extend student responses

Provide sentence frames

What else?

Tell me why.

(Give options) Is it _ or _

Give an example

What is another possible answer?

Thick and Thin Questions

World Language Questioning Resources


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Preguntas de Bloom

Questions in future for Spanish

DOK Question Stems in Spanish

DOK Question Stems in French

Discussion Strategies

Classroom Discussions

The Big List of Class Discussion Strategies

13 Strategies to Improve Student Classroom Discussions

Starting a Discussion (Slideshare)

Talking Chips
Discussion webs
Say something
Question-Answer-Relationship (QAR)
Confer, Compare, Clarify
Chalkboard splash
Bounce cards
Chat Stations
Pinwheel Discussions
Nomination cards
Dice cards
Debate team carousel
Mind Streamnig
Seed discussion
Three minute pause
Discussion stoplight
Snowball discussion
Harkness discussion
World Café

Pinch cards

Circumlocution Strategies

10 Tricks for Teaching Novice Students to Circumlocute

Student participation

27 Ways to Increase Participation infographic

Literature Circles

Getting started


Literature Circle Resources

Literature Circles in World Languages

Círculos de la literatura

Literature Circles in Spanish Class